Amistà celebrates Piedmont at the United Nations.

Last week, Amistà Nizza DOCG and Amistà Vermouth were two of the featured products at an event organized by the Region of Piedmont at the United Nations.

The gathering was a celebration of Piedmontese entrepreneurship, technology, the region’s financial sector, tourism, and, of course, Piedmontese gastronomy. It was the launch of a broad campaign that will include a series of events across the world promoting tourism and investment in the region.

For the occasion, roughly 70 people, including officials from the regional Piedmont government and UN functionaries, sipped Piedmontese wines and vermouths as they enjoyed classic Piedmontese cheeses and dishes prepared especially for the event. Classic agnolotti del plin were prepared by Osteria Carlina, a popular lower Manhattan restaurant renowned for its devotion to classic Piedmontese cooking.

The owner of Amistà, Michele Marsiaj, has always viewed his wines as expressions and representatives of Piedmontese culture. And the winery was thrilled and honored to have been chosen as a benchmark of Piedmontese “excellence.”

Amistà’s American ambassador Jeremy Parzen, author of the highly regarded Do Bianchi wine blog and professor at Piedmont’s Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences, was on hand to present the wines. The following evening, he spoke again about the wines at a dinner at Osteria Carlina where guests enjoyed a traditional Piedmontese menu paired with Amistà Nizza DOCG and Amistà Vermouth.