Amistà presents at James Suckling Miami: 95 points Amistà Nizza Riserva, 93 points Amistà Nizza.

Amistà was pleased to present its wines at the James Suckling “Great Wines of the World” event in Miami in late February of this year.

Our U.S. ambassador was please to pour the following wines, the most recent to receive 90+ scores from the revered wine critic and Italian wine authority.

Amistà Nizza Riserva 2020
95 points

Amistà Nizza 2021
93 points

Mr. Suckling (pictured in the image above) has perhaps done more than any other wine writer to raise awareness of the greatness of Italian wines.

Many will remember his years as an editor and senior critic at Wine Spectator where he was among the first American wine experts to recognize the potential of Tuscan wines.

He later turned his focus to Piedmont where collectors had yet to venture.

Today, the rest is history: Italian wines are rightfully viewed as peers of their French counterparts.

Thank you, Mr. Suckling, for all you have done for Italian wine and beyond!