Fiola, home to one of the top wine programs in the U.S., features Amistà.

When I arrived at Fiola with Carolina Cossu, the southeast sales manager for Amistà’s U.S. importer Ethica Wines, I already knew that we’d be meeting with a sommelier who manages one of the top wine programs in the U.S.

What I didn’t realize was how utterly gorgeous the dining room would be. It’s one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve visited this year (and I visit a lot of restaurants).

Sommelier Daniel Bishop manages one of the most comprehensive lists in the country, with domestic and international wines from all the great wine regions of the world. But the biggest focus is Italy, of course. It’s no wonder why: Executive Chef Fabio Trabocchi’s Fiola restaurants in Washington D.C. and Miami are frequently mentioned at the top of “best Italian restaurants in the world” lists.

Amistà is currently one of Daniel’s “featured wines.” We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of such an extraordinary list and program. As you can see from the décor in the photo above, this is a restaurant where high style and haute cuisine go hand in hand. We can’t imagine a better home for Amistà.

Thank you, Daniel, for everything you do for Italian wine.

Jeremy Parzen