Congratulations to our winemaker Luca D’Attoma, winner of the Bibenda/AIS Giacomo Tachis award for best enologist of the year.

It is with immense pleasure that we congratulate our winemaker Luca D’Attoma for being named the “best sommelier of the year” by the prestigious Bibenda/Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) guide for 2024.

He traveled to Rome over the weekend to accept the award at the guide’s gala dinner where other Italian wine luminaries like Angelo Gaia and Maurizio Zanella received awards for their wines.

A Tuscan native, Luca was part of a new wave of Italian winemakers who began to take a new and fresh approach to winemaking at some of the Tuscany’s highest-profile estates in the 1990s.

He had already made quite a name for himself when, in the mid-2000s, his wines began to receive top scores from wine critics, including a string of 100-point scores that turned him into a superstar of Italian viticulture.

The award he received is named in honor of Giacomo Tachis, the Italian enologist who, like Luca, recognized the great potential for international grape varieties in Italy. It’s only fitting that Luca would be part of Tachis’ legacy as an early champion and producer of world-class wines from the Tuscan coast.

Before becoming the winemaker for Amistà, Luca had never made a wine in Piedmont before. And the wines he has made for the estate since the 2019 vintage have received top scores, including a rating of 95 points from one of the world’s leading wine journalists.

A great believe in organic and biodynamic farming, the boundlessly energetic Luca is one of those people who are constantly making you think outside the box while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: Excellence.

He and his work inspire us every day. And we couldn’t be more proud that his community recognizes his immeasurable contribution to the world of Italian wine.

Grande Luca! Complimenti!