Welcome to the Amistà blog!

Welcome to the Amistà blog!

Amistà, of course, is first and foremost a wine. But it’s also a family and a community.

The name of our winery and estate — pronounced ah-mee-STAH — means friendship in Italian.

And the team members at Amistà embrace and embody that spirit: From the grape grower to the winemaker, from the owner and his family to the marketing staff, from the winery workers to the people who go out and sell the wine… Amistà is about creating and building community through our shared passion and vision.

It’s one of the great things about great wines: They bring people together. And that’s what Amistà is all about.

But don’t just visit our site solely because you want to learn more about the wine (something we hope you want to do!).

Beyond information on the wine, how it’s farmed, and how it’s made, you’ll also be able to read about the place where it is grown and the people who make it. Even more importantly, we will also be posting here about the “culture” that has produced it.

Look out for posts about Italy and the region of Piedmont where our winery is located.

We’ll be sharing technical notes about the wine, of course. But we’ll also be writing about classic Italian and Piedmontese recipes and gastronomy. We’ll also be publishing content about favorite restaurants and sites to visit in our beloved region of Italy. And we’ll even be sharing articles about Piedmont’s unique history and the myriad colorful characters who made it one of the greatest destinations in the world for food and wine.

And lastly, we’ll also be reporting about Amistà in the world: The people who love it and the places where they like to eat and the foods they like to pair it with.

So please be sure to bookmark the site and sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with our work and our dreams.