Amistà Vermouth to be featured in Historic Monte Carlo Rally on January 26

On Thursday, January 26, Amistà will be one of the Italian Vermouth showcased during the launch of the Historic Monte Carlo Rally in downtown Turin.

Now in its 25th year, the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique pits drivers in vintage automobiles against with one another in a race to get to the finish line along the French Riviera. The breathtaking Piazza San Carlo, in the heart of Turin’s historic downtown, is the starting place for Italian drivers.

Amistà Vermouth 100% Nizza was selected for this prestigious event because of the estate’s reputation as a benchmark of Piedmont excellence and elegance and it will be presented in the driver’s circle that day.  The Barbera grapes for its Nizza DOCG are grown in what is considered the appellation’s top “cru” or single-vineyard designation, the Bricco di Nizza. Its vermouth is one of just a handful of aromatized wines crafted exclusively from the highest-quality base wines — in this case, the Nizza DOCG, one of Piedmont’s most coveted.

While the actual Rallye Monte-Carlo has been around since the second decade of the 20th century, the “historic” rally was created a quarter of a century ago to celebrate European automobile design and engineering. Italian-made cars have always been a centerpiece for this popular event.

Today, the main competition — the Monte Carlo Rally or Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo — which is part of the World Rally Championship — is held exclusively in France. But historically, drivers came from across Europe to compete. The “historic rally” evokes an era when motor cars were a relatively new cultural phenomenon and their design and engineering were examples of European excellence.

In Turin, where the first Vermouth was borned in 1786, Monte Carlo Rally it’s a great event that gives owners of vintage Italian cars a chance to show off their beauties and for Amistà Vermouth to guide you through the journey into the taste of elegance.

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